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Nigel Davis
Nigel Davis, MA, PhD, MBA

Nigel Davis has 24 years of experience in business and a similar length of experience in leadership roles in churches and other not-for-profit organisations. He founded Sivaden in 2006.

Nigel’s commercial experience has been largely, but not solely, obtained in the biotech / pharmaceutical sector with an unusual and very diverse career history. After obtaining his degree in Natural Sciences and PhD in Biochemistry/Molecular Biology from Cambridge University, he completed Post-doctoral research into the antibiotic-producing Streptomyces at the John Innes Institute, before joining Glaxo Group Research as a research team leader.

He next moved back to Cambridge as Research manager for a biotech company where he soon moved into Business Development and commercial management, finally taking on the role of managing director for the UK subsidiary of a US company. Following the biotech funding down-turn at the end of the 90’s, Nigel diversified his experience by studying for the Executive MBA at London Business School, whilst also working at Isis Innovation (Oxford, UK) in technology transfer.

This was followed by five years as a Consultant at PharmaVentures, where he became a Senior Director and Head of Transactions. From 2005-2010, Nigel was a non-executive director at Ploughshare Innovations, the technology transfer company of DSTL (UK government defence research).

Nigel has held a number of leadership positions in not-for-profit organisations, including as Company Secretary, Interim Chairman and church deacon. For several years, he was a trustee for Salvation for the Nations International Churches with specific responsibility for building and equipment. When this growing church needed a new building, he defined the search parameters, reviewed many possible buildings, developed the business case, secured the loans and led the fund-raising initiatives. The church now has a fantastic modern facility, seating over 600, which is also suitable for conferences. Currently Nigel is a trustee of Reignite Action for Development a new charity set up to re-enthuse, equip and support disadvantaged communities in Africa to help themselves toward sustainable development.

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