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Prioritising in-house efforts
Working closely with the CEO of a young biotech company to prioritise potential strategic partners so he can focus his own efforts most effectively.

Adding "bandwidth"
Interim support for the Business Development group at the Health Protection Agency, including working on a spin-out and negotiating out-license of their new polio vaccine to GSK.

Academic IP-based start-up
A group of academics had developed and patented a novel technology, and founded a company, but did not know what to do next. We helped bring the company into an investable state by writing a commercially sound business plan, establishing new business relationships and resolving certain structural issues in the company.

A young R&D-based company needed to raise money to complete its product development and bring its first product to market. We prepared financial plans, business plans and participated in presentations that led to a £5m investment.

Crisis support
A UK company had a serious cash-flow crisis. We helped to manage the creditors and achieve several adjournments of the winding-up proceedings that had been initiated against the company. We also worked with the company’s investment bankers to develop an information memorandum and data room in preparation for sale of the company.

A UK company needed to understand the value of its technologies in the context of partnering deals, but then received a buy-out offer. We were able to provide a rapid response to evolving needs and provided ad hoc advice on valuation and negotiation.

Valuation for corporate strategy
An Italian company needed a valuation of their early-stage product portfolio in support of the corporate development strategy. We prepared a written report.

A UK university had developed novel technologies in an important therapy area and needed to understand how best to commercialise them. We prepared a market assessment and commercialisation strategy report.

Technology development partnership
A publically funded EU institution wanted to further develop IP through a corporate collaboration. We provided advice on the deal strategy and participated in due diligence site visits.

Charity startup
New UK-based overseas development charity had tremendous ideas, huge enthusiasm and great potential. Just needed a little help to get off the ground.

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