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Sivaden provides interim management and ad hoc advice and support to CEO’s and senior management teams to help them develop their businesses or handle crises. Some of the key services offered include:

  • Business development
    • Product, technology and market assessments
    • Structuring and negotiating licences, distribution agreements and partnership arrangements
    • Internal and external communication of strategy
  • Financing and company or asset sales and purchases
    • Writing business plans
    • Developing budgets, profit and loss and cash flow forecasts
    • Preparation of information memoranda and data rooms for investments and for sales of companies and assets
  • Crisis support
    • Management of creditors
    • Dealing with court cases, effective use of lawyers
    • Assistance with handling worried/upset shareholders

Some of the areas in which we provide support and advice:

Do you need a confidential sounding board to help you develop your strategy for managing a new opportunity, introducing change or surviving a crisis? We have been through the same kinds of situations many times and understand the issues. We will ask the difficult questions, and the obvious ones that can get overlooked!

Interim management
Is your organisation going through a critical period of its development when it could really benefit from the accumulated wisdom and knowledge of an experienced industry professional, but it is too small to afford such a person? Sivaden can provide a suitable individual, to provide that missing expertise or increase the bandwidth for a specific period of time. Once the critical period is past or when you have the resources to take on your own employees, we move on to help someone else. 

Business planning
We can cast an experienced eye over your business plan and make constructive suggestions for improvement in content, presentation or strategy as necessary. Alternatively, we can work alongside you to prepare a business plan.

Deal structuring and negotiation
The best value can be extracted by using the correct deal structure, whether it be for licensing, distribution, financing or other transactions. It is vital to thoroughly check contracts from a commercial perspective, not just the legal angles. Of course, you should always work with your lawyers as well as with us (we can suggest one if you do not have one), but we can help ensure that the commercial terms create the correct incentives for both parties and that you have not left value on the table inadvertently and are not exposed to unnecessary commercial risk.

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